Anam Cara’s Bereavement Information evening will be held in conjunction with Jacinta’s Smile, an organization that support bereaved siblings. Jacinta’s smile will be on hand during the evening to discuss with parents how they can help support children after the loss of a sibling.


This event will take place on Wednesday 21st April at 7pm

During the evening they will be bringing the Anam Cara booklets to life. After their guest speaker, they will invite parents to join one of three break out rooms.


  • A mothers Grief
  • A Fathers Grief
  • Helping your Children after the loss of a sibling. 


Each of these rooms will be hosted by one of their Anam Cara Professionals and a bereaved Parent.


Katie Anne from Jacinta’s smile will be in the break out room for parents who are interested in “Helping your children after the loss of a sibling”


If you know any parents that would like to join they can contact Anam Cara

085 288 8888 or email


As always all Anam Cara services are offered free of charge.


For more information – Press Release