The Department of Rural and Community Development have launched an Action Plan to support Community Response


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This Action Plan, which has been put together in partnership with other government departments, State agencies and our extensive network of community and voluntary organisations, sets out three key areas of initial focus in supporting a community response to COVID-19.

The 3 key initiatives are:

  • letting people know how and where they volunteer through our partnership with Volunteer Ireland and our network of Volunteer Centres
  • to provide community supports for older people by providing funding to ALONE for their crisis telephone support line and follow through practical supports
  • launching an email helpdesk facility from today (20 March) in the Department of Rural and Community Development to assist smaller community groups with their queries

Government has committed to putting the required funding and resources in place immediately and Minister Ring’s department will be working with our partners to implement the measures on the ground as quickly as possible. Work in this regard has already commenced.

The unprecedented circumstances surrounding the COVID-19 crisis will require the re-prioritisation, and re-direction of activities, new contingency arrangements to maintain and support critical services, and new flexibilities in the use of resources in the community and voluntary sector.