North Tipperary Mental Health Week takes place each year in October — this is a week set aside to remind us to continue to take care of our mental health. During North Tipperary Mental Health Week 2021, there will be events, classes and signposts for us all to safeguard, protect and nourish our mental health.

The ‘SNAP’ Pack is now available as an easy, accessible tool kit for supporting our mental health. The Pack has been designed to support us all, both as individuals and as members of groups or organisations, to reflect and be grateful for what we have in our lives. Our support networks of the people who are important to us, the places we are most content or the things that simply make us want to say ‘Thank You’ because they help us! No explanations required! The ‘SNAP’ approach — stopping, noticing, appreciating and proceeding— creates a feeling of gratitude which in turn produces positive, healthy thoughts and a sense of wellbeing for us all. As part of this year’s North Tipperary Mental Health Week you are invited to create a “Gratitude Tree”, whether it be just for yourself or to have a Gathering of Gratitude within your home, workplace, school or organisation, to take some time to say ‘Thank You’! Within the Pack you can find these simple ways to cultivate gratitude and collectively generate “Good Vibes” in doing so!

Download the ‘SNAP’ Pack below: