North Tipperary Partnership Company, in partnership with Galway Rural Development and Clare Local Development, has approved further project funding toward the development of viewing/discovery points around Lough Derg.

The funding has been provided through the LEADER grant programme, and this is the second such project with these partners on Lough Derg in recent years. Michael Murray, CEO at NTPC, explained that this project has been just one of several approved recently.

“More than a million euros has been granted by our three development companies toward ‘Rural Tourism’ projects in the past year or two and we will continue to support groups, and indeed companies, right across the Lough Deg region in the years ahead”.

Doirin Graham, CEO of Clare Local Development stated “The tourism sector has been one of those worst hit by the pandemic due to the collapse of inbound travel and the restrictions on internal movement. It’s all the more important we support it to bounce back quickly”.

CEO of GRD Steve Dolan added “The Lough Derg region has a wide range of natural assets and, as I know first-hand, terrific people. Staycations will be taken by the majority of the population in the coming year and we warmly support improvement to the visitor experience in Lough Derg.”

In addition to allocations given to sporting clubs and community groups, in recent months there has been a focus on the LEADER food initiative whereby producers can avail of funding for a range of project types. Those interested can contact any of the three LDCs for more details.

NTDC, GRD and CLDC are among 49 local development companies that comprise the Irish Local Development Network. The range of CE, RSS, Tús, and other programmes operated by these organisations provides hundreds of support staff to organisations across the county.