Social Enterprises (SEs) are businesses that aim to achieve a social or environmental impact through trading in goods or services and re-investing any surpluses generated into achieving their social goals.  SEs come in many forms—community shops and cafés, meals-on-wheels, crèches, community centres and local care organisations, to name but a few. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, SEs have played a vital role in the social and economic life of communities across Ireland.

North Tipperary Development Company—in collaboration with Clare Local Development Company, Ballyhoura Development CLG and PAUL Partnership—are the lead in rolling out a suite of training and mentoring on the theme of Managing Change: Strategic Planning & Income Diversification to Social Enterprises across the Mid-West.

This programme will provide support to SEs in re-evaluating their missions in response to COVID-19, enabling them to better plan for the future. It will provide practical tools for improving their business models, developing trading opportunities and diversifying their products/services & income streams. Customised mentoring will support SEs in improving their resilience, achieving their social objectives and thinking more strategically. Emerging themes such as measuring and communicating social impact and incorporating the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals will also be covered under this comprehensive programme.

Online workshops will begin on November 10th 2021 and will run until January 2022. Social Enterprises that avail of these workshops will be eligible for tailored one-to-one mentoring. Topics covered include:

  • Measuring and Communicating Social Impact
  • Idea Generation/Income Diversification & Generation
  • Reviewing and Improving your Existing Business Model and Strategic Plan
  • UN Sustainable Development Goals and your Social Enterprise

If you are a Social Enterprise in North Tipperary and would like to find out more about this free training and mentoring programme, please contact Laura or Caroline at NTDC on 067-56676 or by email at

The Social Enterprise Regeneration Programme is funded by the Government of Ireland with the support of the Dormant Accounts fund and administered by the Irish Local Development Network.