North Tipperary Development Company (NTDC) is one of the 49 Local Development Companies in the Irish Local Development Network delivering a range of services for communities and individuals in North Tipperary.

What is Social Inclusion and Community Activity Programme?

The aim of SICAP is to reduce poverty and promote social inclusion and equality in Ireland through supporting communities and individuals using community development approaches, engagement and collaboration.

Purpose of the video case study

The purpose of the case-study is to highlight the role and impact of Social Inclusion Community Activation Programme (SICAP) in the formation and development of supports and services to Older People in North Tipperary which seeks to address a specific issue of isolation in the community. The relevant community groups and interviewees have agreed to participate in the case-study.


Video Case Study 2022 – Older People and Isolation


Video Case Study TRAILER – Older People and Isolation 2022