NTDC Tús programme has a wonderful featured article in the weeks Nenagh Guardian. The Tus Programme offers vital employement supports to those eligible for the programme.

Tús is a community work placement, providing short-term working opportunities for unemployed people since 2011.

The Tús initiative is managed by NTDC for the department of social protection, which has the overall responsibility for the scheme.

Selection Process:

People who are eligible for the Tús program, are identified and contacted by the Department of Social Protection. If they agree to participate, their names will be referred to their local development company.

Alternatively, the Department has introduced a self-referral process, where a person if interested can contact their case officer in the local INTREO office , or North Tipperary Development Company and complete the self-referral form to put their names forward to the department to be selected.

To be eligible to participate on the Tús program you must:

  • Be currently in receipt of Job Seeker Allowance or Benefit
  • Be in receipt of payment for 12 months, this claim can be broken for 30 days only within the 12-month period to be eligible.

Working Conditions:

Participants work 19.5hrs per week and it is currently a 12-month contract. The participant’s contract is with NTDC, but they are placed with local communities that have been approved by North Tipperary Development Committee. Participants receive the same statutory annual leave and public holiday entitlements.


There is a top up to the social welfare payment of €22.50 if on the top rate of payment; minimum payment to come on the scheme is €225.50. The participants do not lose any entitlements while on the scheme i.e. medical card, fuel allowance etc.


Pictured are: Tara O Donoghue, Seamus O Sullivan – Tús Supervisor, Elizabeth Szabo, Carolina Cernean, Diana Boldescu, Daniel Strachan, Philomena Keyes – Tús Supervisor, Dean White.

Types of projects:

All the work carried out by the participants on the Tús program will be community based.

  • Environmental services
  • Caring Services
  • General Community Services
  • Heritage and cultural services
  • Para education Services


Community and Voluntary Organisations:

Organisations must be community, voluntary and non-for profit in nature. They must provide good quality work opportunities that are of benefit to the community and the participant.

Organisations with a proposed work placement must complete an application and return to North Tipperary Development Company for approval.


The Tús programme in North Tipperary Development Company currently operates out of three regional offices. Nenagh, Thurles and Roscrea. If you wish to register as a host community or Tús participant, you can contact your local supervisors.


Nenagh Office: 067 56676

Seamus O’Sullivan

Philomena Keyes

Thurles office: 0504 90579

Michael Carey

Tony Lanagan

Roscrea Office: 0505 23379

John Bonfield

Louise Nash



The featured article available from Nenagh Guardian published on 28/11/2020.







Source: Nenagh Guardian 28/11/20