Online Workshops for Greener Communities.

Do you know that there is a change in assessment criteria for Tidy Towns scoring and also Larger Grant funding?  There is a much increased emphasis on sustainability. This series of workshops is being delivered to high performing community groups to assist them to succeed in securing funding and performing well in competitions. If successful, it is planned to roll it out to other groups with the initial intake as ‘Green Community Ambassadors’ for rollout to other groups in order to help them succeed.

It can be challenging to translate these high level objectives into local actions. This series of workshops aim to demystify the process of taking steps individually and within our community to aid sustainability. It will provide very practical steps and case studies.

As part of the series there will be a competition to create small practical actions for your community to win a voucher of €500.00 for your group to use in delivering this plan.

Outline of the programme:

Workshop 1:  28th April 2021 at 7pm-8.30pm via ZOOM

  1. Sustainability what is it? What does it mean practically to me and my locality? You and your group may possibly be doing it already?
  2. Other locations case studies and some best practice examples.
  3. Given what you know and what you have learned, you will be asked to devise an action plan around sustainability and greening your locality for the next workshop (this plan will be considered for the €500 voucher at Workshop 2).

Workshop 2: 12th May2021 at 7pm-8.30pm via ZOOM

  1. Each group present their plans to the wider group.
  2. Discussion, advice and recommendations.
  3. Competition results announced for the €500.00.

Workshop 3: 6th October 2021 at 7pm-8.30pm via ZOOM

  1. What has been delivered, what has worked well for you?
  2. What are your group’s plans for next number of years?
  3. Funding opportunities/next steps for your project into the future, show examples and case studies to allow interested groups to progress to the next level.