Nenagh Job Club (Outreach to Roscrea and Thurles)

What we do

You may be entering the world of employment for the first time; returning to work after raising your family or looking after a loved one. You may have many years of work experience under your belt; have been made redundant or lost your job during the economic downturn; you may want to change career direction, have just graduated or you may simply be looking for a better job – all are reasons that prompt people to come in to talk to us in Nenagh Job Club.

Finding the right job can be a challenging, exciting or even a daunting process. Finding a job is a job in itself, and needs to be approached with a sense of challenge and responsibility. There are many ways jobs are advertised, and knowing where to look and what to expect is important. So if you are looking for a job, Nenagh Job Club will assist you by giving you a clear understanding of the process.

Nenagh Job Club has a range of resources available to you that are designed to assist you in making sound, informed decisions about your career.


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Formal Group Training

Our Job Search Skills programme consists of 2 weeks formal group training, daily from 10.00am – 12.30pm. These programmes are run back to back every fortnight.  During the workshop we cover the following areas:

  • How to develop key skills required for the labour market
  • Expert assistance and advice on employment, training and up skilling opportunities
  • Practical supports such as CV preparation and design
  • Interview techniques and preparation
  • Breaking down the advert and connecting this to your skills and experience
  • Social Media
  • Assertiveness/Confidence building

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One to One Consultation (by appointment only)

  • Support and advice in job seeking skills and sourcing jobs
  • Mock interview service

A Resource Centre that provides facilities to assist you in finding work, including:

Upon registration you will have access to a fully equipped resource room to assist you with:

  • Printing
  • Photocopying
  • Computer & Internet Access
  • Telephone Usage
  • Local and National Newspapers
  • Weekly Job Club Bulletin
  • Computers/Internet Access, Stationery/Postage
  • Weekly Vacancies Supplement:  Job Seekers can receive local vacancies to their inbox by contacting either Job Clubs via the contact form.

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Do I retain my entitlements?

Job Club participants retain their Social Welfare entitlements and receive a weekly attendance allowance.

Do I have to be in receipt of a Welfare Payment to participate on the course?

No, the Job Club is free and open to anyone wishing to use the service or take part in training.