NTDC were delighted to support the Stronger Together exhibition in Nenagh Arts Centre showcasing the talents of the local Traveller Community across North Tipperary. This exhibition runs from 27 September 2021 to 28th October 2021. We would encourage people in the community to pop in to have a look and show their support.

Extract from Stronger Together Brochure

The Covid-19 pandemic has not simply shed light on the inequalities the Traveller community experience, but in many circumstances exacerbated these inequalities. In the Stronger Together Exhibition poems by Nellie Hutchinson, a Traveller poet based in Nenagh, speak out against the historic exclusion felt by Travellers as well as the discrimination they continue to be exposed to. Piercing, poignant, and powerful, Nellie’s poetry gives voice to what it means to be proud about Traveller identity and community in the face of ingrained social


In the face of the challenge created by the Covid-19 pandemic many people have exhibited fortitude, while communities have banded together with great community spirit. Across Ireland, individuals, community groups and non-profit organisations have worked tirelessly to support all members of the community, but particularly those who are vulnerable. Such acts have shown that when people come together and unite for a common purpose, we can overcome even the greatest of challenges. Members of the Traveller community are no different in this regard.


In the Stronger Together exhibition many of the works on display are collaborative efforts that have involved multiple people working together as part of an initiative to support each other as well as to make something beautiful. This includes a community blanket made of crocheted/knitted squares made by both Traveller and settled community members. It also includes plant boxes made by a Traveller men’s woodwork group that have been painted in the traditional barrel-top style. The ‘Stronger Together Exhibition’ is a celebration of Traveller identity and culture in North Tipperary. It also applauds how members of the Traveller community have held firm and supported one another throughout the Covid-19 pandemic. We hope the audience will engage with the exhibition with an open heart and mind.


Full Stronger Together brochure available to view here NTDC Stronger Together Booklet