Roscrea Youth Service

Roscrea Youth Service is an amalgamation of separate projects housed under the roof of the Kickback Youth Café, under the umbrella of North Tipperary Development Company.

The Youth Services now comprise of the UBU (Your Place Your Space) Project, the RAY Project, which is part of the Garda Youth Diversion Project, the Early Intervention Initiative, the Youth Counselling & Well-being service, and Roscrea Family Support. All these services focus on working together in collaboration for the benefit of the local community.

For more information, contact the office on 0505-24462 or Rob Foley, Youth Work Lead, on 087-6200633 |

You can also find us on Facebook: @roscreayouthservice.

Roscrea Youth Service’s current Newsletter:  RYS Newsletter December 2022 Issue 7  


Roscrea Youth Counselling Service

Roscrea Youth Counselling Service offers one-one counselling for young people aged 10 – 17 years.

The service also offers group facilitation in creative mindfulness as an early intervention piece.

Mindfulness can improve the mental, emotional, social and physical health and wellbeing of young people.  It has been shown to reduce stress, anxiety, reactivity, improve sleep and self-esteem and bring about greater calmness and relaxation.  Participants explore their ability to manage behaviour and emotions, increasing self-awareness and empathy for self and others.

Through creativity, young people of similar age groups engage in open discussion and create a tool kit of resources that they can call on in their lives.  This programme can also help young people who are struggling to understand challenging behaviours in others.

For more information contact Mary Grace, Family Support Worker & Youth Counselling Co-Ordinator, on 087-9529041 |

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RAY Project

Our Youth Justice Workers liaise with young people in the Roscrea catchment area who are at risk of, or who have come into contact with the criminal justice system.  Using a wide range of evidence-based programs and interventions to support young people who have been referred to the project.  Work is carried out in group and one-to-one sessions.

The aim of this Project is to divert young people, who have been referred due to anti-social behaviour and or criminal activity, away from such activity and life-style and into diversionary activities.

The RAY Project continues to support the young people involved during the restrictions. The project provides 1:1 support to RAY participants and iScoil students who are working to achieve a QQI accreditation.

For more information contact:

Allison, Youth Justice Worker, on 087-6978868 | 

James, Youth Justice Worker, on 087-9033123 |


Your Place Your Space Project (UBU)

We provide various groups and activities for all young people aged 10-24 years in Roscrea. The main aim of our service is to provide out of school support to young people in their local community to fulfil their potential by improving their personal and social development through various groups and programmes in a safe environment. We operate fun afterschool activity groups for primary school aged children such as art groups and social groups and teenage age casual drop-in groups. We are always open to welcoming in new young people to work with them to organise groups and activities that are of interest to them.

Our space can offer various activities such as art and crafts, X-Box, music, pool, fun games, access to computers and free space with free Wi-Fi access and space and time for a casual chat over a hot chocolate or tea. This service is funded under the UBU Your Place Your Space scheme by the Department of Children, Equality, Disability, Integration and Youth and locally administered through Tipperary ETB.

For more information, contact the office on 0505-24462 or Rob Foley, Youth Work Lead, on 087-6200633 |


Early Intervention Initiative

The Early Intervention Initiative is part of the Garda Youth Diversion Project. We work with young people aged 8-11 years with the aim to engage young people in activities and opportunities which support and guide them to make informed decisions and positive life choices through a fun and engaging approach.

The young people involved in the Early Intervention Project for 8–11-years have been participating in online zoom groups every week. A number of young people have been availing of 1:1 support in the building during the restricted period.

For more information contact:

Mary B, Early Intervention Worker, on 087-2106606 |


Family Support Services

For more information on Family Support Services, click here.


List of Additional Resources:


Mid West Regional Drug and Alcohol Forum –  This network was established under the National Drugs Strategy 2001 – 2008 to research, develop, implement and monitor a co-ordinated response to illicit drug use at regional level, based on evidence of what is effective.

The Forum is responsible for ensuring the development of a co-ordinated response to tackling drugs problems in counties Clare, Limerick, North Tipperary and Limerick City

For more information:



CARMHA stands for Connection And Recovery in Mental Health & Addiction. They are a free counselling & peer-support service for Addiction & Mental Health issues (so-called “Dual Diagnosis”) based in Nenagh, Co.Tipperary.

Their mission is to provide a platform where people with mental health & addiction issues can feel safe, supported, connected and empowered to start healing, take responsibility for their own recovery, and live rich and meaningful lives as valuable members of our society.

CARMHA has been developed in coproduction between addiction and mental health professionals, people with lived experience of addiction and mental health issues, family members, and a group of dedicated community champions.

For more information:


Addiction Rehab Treatment

Addiction Rehab Treatment website is a fantastic resource that gives lots of information on alcohol & drug types, alcohol and drug abuse, alcohol and drug awareness, and information on interventions and supports.

For more information:


Tipperary Children and Young People Services

Tipperary Children and Young Peoples Services Committee (CYPSC) is a county level committee that brings together the main statutory, community and voluntary providers of services to work together for better outcomes for children and young people, aged 0 – 24 years, in Co. Tipperary.

For FREE Parent Support Workshops across Tipperary, see Parenting supports calendar, Q. 2 2021

For more information:



Upcoming FREE workshops available across North Tipperary –

Enquiries to Anna O’Neill at

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